Thessaloniki Wedding Photography


Is it easy to create memories and depict emotions like happiness and love? If you are wondering, the answer is yes. If you are wondering if it is easy, the answer is no. For me, capturing the moment is a personal challenge. The wedding day photography called wedding photojournalism or wedding documentary or documentary photography. My work narrates the story of your wedding day. I capture those moments that will be lost in a second and if no one sees them, will be disappeared forever. Moments unnoticed for everyone, but not for me. Authentic moments that will make you feel excited, happy and sometimes make you laugh. A glance, a funny expression or a hug compose the most beautiful life stories that you will remember forever. An authentic result with duration in time will be achieved by trusting me and having an enjoyable time. The recording of these unique moments will accompany you forever. Moments that will not be lost and become beautiful memories.