Wedding Photography in Zagorohoria

Thu 11 Feb 2021
Wedding Photography in Zagorohoria

The wedding photography of Julia and Sotiris happened at an autumn setting of Mikro Papigo, which is one of the best destinations for a romantic wedding.
The ceremony took place in Holy Church of Saint Vlasios, a church of exceptional architecture (1852 AD), and the reception in Hotel Mikro Papigo 1700.
The next day, we took the wedding photos in the wonderful cobbled streets of the village and in the famous Voidomatis.
The traditional settlement of Mikro Papigo is located in western Zagori and is one of the most beautiful destinations in Epirus.
Certainly, whatever season we visit Mikro Papigo, we will be thrilled by the traditional architecture from the famous craftsmen of Zagori.
The natural beauty of the village is undeniable! From Mikro Papigo starts the path to the shelter of Astraka but also to the beautiful Drakolimni.